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In home dog training in Tampa, Lutz, Brandon, Sarasota and surrounding areas.
The Furminator
If you have a breed that sheds, this is the tool for you....

Results after using the Furminator

After just a few swipes...

After 5 minutes just before it started to rain...

The Finished Look... No more tufts of Fur



To keep your Pup Busy...


Remember a Tired Dog is a Happy Owner!!

Busy Buddy Twist n' Treat

KONG (I recommend 2)

Everlasting Treat Ball

Cow Hooves (Long Lasting)


 List of Holiday Pet Hazards
This list of potential dangers around the house at holiday time. Keeping our homes safe for our pets is an ongoing process that requires attention to detail, knowledge of potential hazards and common sense. However, even though this list … Continue reading


Pet Safety This Holiday Season
Pet Safety This Holiday Season From Good Behavior Dog Training The most joyous time of the year for most humans can also be the most Dangerous time of the year for our pets. Good Behavior Dog Training in Tampa would … Continue reading

It is natural for dogs to dig... So let them know when and where they are allowed to dig.

Hanging a tug from a tree is a great way of exercising your dog!!!