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In home dog training in Tampa, Lutz, Brandon, Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Vom Onyxhaus Shepherds

Looking for a top quality German Shepherd Puppy with the right drives and temperament? Well you have come to the right place!!

Sorry.....No Puppies At this time.....

Arild Andrej Vom Onyxhaus

(Click on name to show pedigree)

Valkyrie has gone to Oregon PPD

Hercules has gone to a K9 Officer in Canada

Hulk will be Staying in Florida PPD

Andra has gone to Missouri PPD

Argus has gone to Oregon PPD

Anala Is Staying in Florida PPD

Ansgar is in Punta Gorda, Florida PPD

***Click here to see updated pictures ***

_**updated pictures2**


bred with:

Delta Lytle Vom Klatolklin(Sire)


The blood lines of this paring are showing through, the puppies are strong, with good training ability,have excellent working structure, very dark


 pigmentation, strong nerves, high prey and retrieve drives. Thispedigree consists of 100% working bloodlines from the


Czech Republic and Slovakia

All our puppies have been socialized with cats,birds, kids ( 3-93 ), small and large dogs, horses and cows..... They have solid nerves on all surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, wood piles, kiddie slide etc....They have been on several road trips in the truck....most recently to Oregon from Florida and back... We have also used a starting pistol around them ,dropped stainless dishes on the concrete, vacuum,leaf blower,air compressor etc... and they have shown no noise shyness or sensitivity....So they have Very Solid Nerves !!!
Video of Pups

They come micro chipped,AKC reg, Shots, wormed, been on heart worm prevention and come with a guarantee. Plus they also know Sit, Come, Down and walk on a Leash nicely, among other things......Call me and I will tell you more and answer any questions you may have.....

We take the placement of our working German Shepherds very seriously as the puppies happiness and well being depends on it, as well as you being paired with a puppy that fits what you are looking for in your next working dog. So please serious inquires only.

D.O.B. 8-27-03

Onyx Vom Ramhausen is a very strong civil female with solid nerves and clear head. Hardness and Courage pronounced, she has characteristic full hard calm grips, willingness to fight, outs clean, retrieve drives and great obedience. One serious Personal Protection Dog!!

Onyx also enjoys going to the nursing homes to visit and play with the residents, works with clients, their children and their dogs in obedience classes. In other words gentle as a lamb until she needs to be otherwise. All what a German Shepherd should be!!!

Onyx Vom Ramhausen's Dam :

D.O.B. 3-8-01


Van Den Heuvel's Anzheleka   (Leka) is a daughter of Congo Vikar (SchH3, IPO3, ZVV2) and Almalka Pohranicni Straze (SVV1). Leka is an elegant black sable female. She has tremendous ball and prey drive and is excelling in her bite work. Her sire, Congo Vikar, was one of the top three stud dogs for the Czechoslovakian Border Patrol. He was rated excellent in working conformation and selected first breeding class. Congo excels in police work, serious protection work, and possesses tremendous working drive. He imparts his offspring with all of these characteristics which are very evident in Leka. She earned her SVV1 in Slovakia, where she excelled in her protection work. Leka’s dam Almalka Pohranicni Straze (SVV1) is the daughter of Grim Pohranicni Straze, one of the finest producing stud dogs for the Czech Republic and the 1997 Czech National Champion. Grim Z Pohranicni Straze rated velmi dobry, titled ZM, ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, hips 0/0. Grim has a long line of tremendous offspring, including Amalka's half brother, which is Grim's z Pohranicni Straze finest producing son to date: Xero z Pohranicni Straze velmi dobry, IPO3, SchH3, 1.class 5V1/P). Her grandsire Baron z Pohrancni Straze velmi dobry ZM, IPO3, SchH3, ZVV3, OP1 has produced hundreds of certified border patrol dogs.

She comes from a long line of outstanding dogs such as DDR Gomo v. Schieferschloss, DDR Treu v. Schaferstolz, DDR Iwo v.d. Buschecke, Zar z Pohranicni Straze, DDR Hassan v.d. Hasselwiesen, DDR Held v. Ritterberg, DDR Ingo v. Rudingen, Kaso z Pohranicni Straze to name a few.

The excellent Border Patrol bloodlines that are encompassed within Amalka's pedigree, shine through not only within her working abilities but through her offspring as well. Amalka has seven certified Border Patrol dogs in her first three generations coupled with several of the most influential DDR producing stud dogs for the working German Shepherd breed.

Onyx Vom Ramhausens Sire:

D.O.B. 11/16/00


Narys Policia is a dark black sable Slovakian import.

Narys has excellent working structure, a large, masculine head, and very dark pigmentation. He has strong nerves, high prey and retrieve drives. He comes directly from the Slovak Policia Kennel.

His sire, Faro Policia , born March 14, 1998, vyborny (excellent), SVV1 title, breed survey: 5JVQ5/55 1st class, DKK 0/0

(hips). The winner of the International stud competition in Bratislava 2000 in the service dogs category. Middle big,

middle strong, considerable head, good set ears, considerable wither, solid back, good angled legs, spacious movement low over the terrain. Faro except for his imposing body and dark pigmentation is equipped with perfect character with developed high prey and ball drive and natural aggression to strangers. He has excellent biting and excellent obedience. He loves to work, he completes all the disciplines with willingness and fastness. Except these features he has considerably developed stud drive, he breeds all females without problems. His blood lines gives the presumption that his puppies will be strong, with good training ability and 0/0 hips. The mother of Faro, Fatyma z PS was x-rayed again at 8 years and her hips were perfect. She had never delivered a puppy with bad hips in all her breeding career.


D.O.B. 10-25-06

Delta Lytle Vom Klatolklin is a solid black male with heavy bones and strong stud type head. He has very good prey and ball drive along with speed and agility. He is a clear headed dog with excellent temperament and natural protector of his family. He is a PPD in Miami Florida.

His sire is Zambo Anrebri (SCH H3, IPO3, FH2) Zambo is very vital dog with wonderful defence, predatory instinct, greatly well controllable by obedience, badly controllable by defence. Excellent tracker dog and born retriever. His sire Doksy Bady Ron7xparticipant in Championship CZ according to IPO3 a SchH3 Slovak champion of splendours
výborný, 7x CAC, 2x CACIB, 3x r. CACIB, r. CAC
rtg 0/0, rtg elbow without finding, DNA,5V1/P-1. class
ZVV3, IPO3, SchH3, FH1, ZPS1, SchHA

His dam is Inka Anrebri (ZVV1) A dark sable, medium built size female. She is very fast and agile which can be appreciated on the long send. Inka comes from the World Famous Anrebri kennels. Few German Shepherd kennels have been able to get the top working ability and keep the conformation better than Anrebri. Inka's pedigree consists of 100% working bloodlines from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Inka's sire is the great producer Tom z PS. Tom was a working police dog in the Czech Republic and is known for producing dogs for service work. Tom has also produced top sport dogs. In 2004 Tom produced three dogs that competed in the WUSV World Championship.